Monday, July 31, 2017

New release: Olivier

It's release day!
If you haven't read any of the books in this multi author series its about a group of men who agreed to fight for a wizard, after he promised them revenge, without realising how binding the contract was. Now many lives later they are still seeking the death of the person who wronged them without understanding why.

I love stories that involve past lives,so when I heard about the series I was keen to be involved. Olivier is the that book. it's not as magical as some of my other stories, but it does have a stronger romance. After centuries of having their lives entwined Olivier and Cody have a bond not even death can break...but can they break the curse or will they be doomed to repeat the same cycle again?

Olivier (Order of the Black Knights)
Olivier Merlo works for a dangerous man. He does what he’s told without asking questions because he needs to protect his sister and niece. When someone gives his boss trouble, Olivier does what he does best. It’s a routine hit—until the victim’s brother starts poking around.

Cody Anders left his family behind a decade ago—along with their wealth and influence—to live on his own terms. Still, he knows his twin didn’t die of a drug overdose, and he’ll do anything to find the truth. What he uncovers is a conspiracy that will topple his family and leave him staring down the barrel of a gun.

Olivier must decide if he’s going to obey orders or free himself from the curse that has guided his hand for centuries. Cody, who challenges Olivier’s notion that no one can love him, holds the key to breaking his chains. But when the truth finally comes out, it might be more than Cody can accept.

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