Saturday, April 21, 2018

Weekend Writing Warriors--Hood and the Highwaymen

I have a story that I'm writing on Patreon where at the end of each part patrons get to choose from three options what happens next. I thought I'd share a snippet from part 1. (Part 3 goes up on the 1st of May).
Lyle stuck his hand in the leather pouch around the man’s waist. Dried blood stained the leather dark. The inside was sticky and cold. He pulled out several half-crowns a gold ring with some kind of marking and a dozen coppers that would buy a day’s bread for a family.

He wiped his fingers on the dead man’s scarlet cloak and then cleaned each of the coins on the expensive fabric. It was a luxury they couldn’t afford to keep.

“What did you get?” Jardin leaned on the shovel, his dark hair sticking to his forehead. His shirt clung to him in all the right places, but for all the wrong reasons. They shouldn’t be doing this again.
If you want to follow along or help pick the direction of the story you can follow me here: 

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